PL7 xPole Miniature Circuit Breaker

PL7 xPole Miniature Circuit Breaker description

Premium miniature circuit breaker for residential and non-residential applications Current limiting class 3 Back-up fuse with high selectivity, thanks to low let-through energy Contact position indicator red – green Rated currents up to 32 A Tripping characteristics B, C, D Rated switching capacity 10 kA according to IEC/EN 60898-1 Suitable for DC applications up to 48 V Complies with the insulation coordination requirements (= distance between the contacts ? 4 mm) Busbar compatible Lift/claw double terminals at top and bottom For mounting on busbar at top or bottom, as required Guide for secure terminal connection 3-position DIN-rail clip to simplify removal from the busbar system Comprehensive range of accessories, which can also be retrofitted